DNA of a CFO
What does it take to become a Finance Director?

The current financial director needs more that only years of numerical knowledge. Hays surveyed the DNA of 70 CFO's and asked them about the most important success factors and skills in their profession.

The Dutch financial director rarely mentions experience as the most important reason for success. A proactive attitude and strong people skills are the essential characteristics for a good CFO.

DNA of a CFO (Financial Director)

What are the key findings?

  • CFO's are often men (84%) older than 45 (69%)
  • Experience
    A Financial Director is usually experienced; 46% have been in the business for more than 20 years
  • Experience abroad
    83% believe that the experience gained abroad has made a valuable contribution to the career
  • Organization
    90% of the respondents think that operations is the most important part to work with as a financial department
  • Future
    36% would like to find themselves in a greater role as Financial Directors in the future
  • Tip for the next generation
    73% says to develop people management skills

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