Hays Journal 17

Hays Journal 17
Feeling isolated?

Whether it's investors keeping their faith in an organisation's ability to drive profits, or customers putting their trust in the quality of a product, it's hard to overstate the importance of confidence in business. And it's never been more vital to inspire it in your workforce than it is today. Read more in this Hays Journal.

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In this issue

Alone in a crowd

Workplace loneliness is a daily struggle for many employees. How can organisations work with staff to ensure nobody feels isolated?

Finding its voice

The impact of voice search technology is undeniable. Should organisations be preparing for this technology to enter the workforce?

The Boeing Company: Building a future

Heidi B Capozzi, SVP of Human Resources at The Boeing Company, discusses the company's committed diversity strategy.

Influencing direction

See why some organisations are appointing 'internal influencers' to help promote new ways of working.

Making things tick

Middle managers will often find the value they bring being scrutinised. But are they actually the biggest asset available to businesses?

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